"The trouble with telling a good story is that it invariably reminds the other fellow of a dull one"
Sid Ceasar, American comic actor

I had zero interest in cars until I travelled to the Armenian capital of Yerevan and saw my first Volga. It looked from the 60's, ludicrously sturdy, and the horizontal chrome bars on the grill made me smile.

What I had seen was a GAZ-24. Over a million were made in the Soviet city of Nizhny Novgorod from 1968 to 1992, and I was later to discover they have a strong connection to the KGB.

By the time I left Armenia I had seen dozens and decided to buy one...

A voyage round my Volga; driving a Gaz-24 from Tallinn to London...
posted by Richard Green on 12/11/2016

The Volga in Tallinn, and in Helsinki. Photo My Bathroom Wall

The Volga on the Tallinn-Helsinki ferry, Helsinki-Travemunde ferry, and Esbjerg-Harwich ferry. Photo My Bathroom Wall

Driving between Travemunde and Esbjerg, we stop to take a picture...Photo My Bathroom Wall

The Volga in the car park by the O2 Arena in Greenwich, London. Photo My Bathroom Wall

The Volga at Eltham Palace, South London. Photo My Bathroom Wall

The Volga on a trip up north. Photo Total Wedding Photography

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